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CliC Eyewear have by now become famous worldwide thanks to the unique patented magnetic connection. CliC products are the result of utility and everyday practicality use united with design. Thus, permitting you to have your glasses always with you.

Innovative, practical, and trendy, the CliC reading glasses have a frontal magnetic connection. The glasses stay placed with a neckband, permitting you to never loose them.

Created in Polycarbonate, a practical, elastic and temperature resistant material, CliC glasses are characterized by metal stems, adaptable to each head size.

CliC Eyewear is available in several forms, starting from the more traditional classic readers. They come in different trend colors in order to adapt to each personal taste. also for those who prefer the vintage/retro style.

CliC Flex represents the evolution of CliC, as it is characterized by a flexible and expandable headband for all head dimensions. The Flex system comes from a new international patent created in order to give to the product more comfort and flexibility.

Vunetic Eyewear also is part of the Magnetic Connection family: it is a brand manufactures entirely in Italy, which uses prestigious materials, metals and anti-reflex lens. The Vunetic glasses is the new luxury frontier within the magnetic connection market.

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