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Born in 1986, Overal srl is an Italian Company of brand development and distribution, marketing concepts, and customer service.

In 2003 Overal srl entered the optical market with the distribution of the California patented glasses – the renown Clic Eyewear – characterized by magnetic connection. Clic’s constant innovation permitted a new path to enlarge the market horizons of eyewear distribution.

Overal also took on the distribution of Seeoo, the famous Austrian brand. Seeoo Eyewear bases its products on a revisitation of eyeglasses of the early 20th century, modernized and re-adapted by Gerald Lasnik. Today Seeoo is distributed in more than 25 countries around the world.

In the year 2015, Overal increased its eyewear distribution by committing to the project of Papperlook – the elegant and innovative glasses made of pressed paper, hand-crafted in Italy.

In 2016, Overal took its horizons a step further. The passion that had always been valued as a key component within the company gave birth to the Officine Overal project – a project based on enhancing optical solutions for eye glasses, this in order to create continuous innovative ideas and stimulations.

The first brand forged by Officine Overal has been Smorfia: a collection which is aimed at expressing the formality and elegance of Italian tradition, along with all its superstitions and beliefs. It unites design with high quality and style.

Every day the Overall team, checks thoroughly the entire project that finishes with the creation of glasses. The team supervises the procedure each material and component from beginning to end of processing, this in order to guarantee each one of our clients the most efficient and practical technical standards.